About JL Decor

We take pride in providing you with a professional service.

We use the best quality materials

Our variable pressure system enables us to clean surfaces without damaging them

JL Decor has been working in the 3 Valley area since 2007

JL DECOR specialises in oak beam and timber restoration in listed buildings and barn conversions.

We have a great deal of experience in the cleaning of chalets and apartments. There are many different methods and products used in the sandblasting process. We select products that provide the best possible results, whilst minimising the damage to the existing wood’s surface.



Prices are based on surface area in m2 and consist of two parts:

  1. The protection, sandblasting and clean-up of the exterior of the property.
  2. Treatment after blasting, consisting of three coatings.


Prices are based on surface area in m2, and prices include the protection, sandblasting, clean up and re-coating/protection of interior surfaces.